Soprano, Maribeth Crawford, has taught private voice lessons for over 10 years in Ohio and Kentucky. Dr. Crawford has held studios at the Northern Kentucky University preparatory department, Angel's House of Music, Beck Center of the Arts, College-Conservatory of Music, Central State University and Walsh University. She currently serves as Assistant Professor of Music at Murray State University in Murray, KY.  


"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime" from Mrs. Dymond by Anne Isabella Thackeray.

In voice lessons, my job is to guide the student towards a functional vocal technique that will ensure longevity and vocal health. Each lesson is spent making sure that the student has a clear understanding of how the voice works, both in an intellectual and physical sense. As a teacher, I encourage independence. I ultimately want my students to be able to listen, feel, diagnose, and respond in a way that promotes a beautiful, free tone that is responsive to text. 

My approach begins with physical freedom and the exploration of un-postured, natural sounds found through efficient use of breath. In addition, I encourage a clear, well-formed vowel and agility of the articulators (freedom from the tongue, a sense of palatal height, and a released throat).